Letter: Elect Gruber in House District 108

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Tom Gruber had a mother with Alzheimer’s disease. He could have let her stay in Philadelphia with other family members. Instead, he brought her here. He visited her every day. He made it a point to get to know the other residents at the Alzheimer’s unit, their families and the staff. He learned about the disease, went to classes and became certified to communicate with people with Alzheimer’s disease. He became a spokesman for the Alzheimer’s Association and a passionate advocate for the elderly. As the saying goes, he didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk. Currently, with his nephews and niece, he doesn’t just go to their games, he’s become an umpire. He doesn’t go just the extra mile, he’ goes miles, literally.

I met Tom and his family over 15 years ago as his next door neighbor. Over the years I have seen his pattern of caring, seeking knowledge and taking action repeat itself with his family and in his community. I see this pattern now as he goes door to door to 40 or 50 homes a day to ask to work as the District 108 representative. He is again walking the walk himself and learning what people want as he goes. I support Tom Gruber because I am confident he will serve this community with sustained hard work, knowledge, concrete action and dedication.

Dr. Karen L. Olson