Letter: Driver's seat is no place for multi-tasking

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I’d like to propose a new movement: a “One Thing at a Time” approach to the operation of motor vehicles.

I understand that a lot of wannabe circus performers are currently driving cars and trucks around the streets and highways of Maine. As they drive, they do one or several of the following tasks simultaneously: talking on the phone, texting, reading a newspaper, applying mascara, holding a cup of hot coffee, eating snacks, and writing with pen and paper.

What would happen if every driver simply drove their vehicle? It seems to me that there are enough distractions out there: radios, sirens, passengers, weather conditions, traffic, and all the chatter that’s already going on in our heads.

It takes less than a second for a vehicle to veer off course in the direction of pedestrians and other vehicles. All of our friends, family, and neighbors are at increased risk when drivers choose to divide their attention this way.

No one’s life is worth losing for the sake of one driver’s obsession with multi-tasking. Please join me in doing “One Thing at a Time” while driving.

Mariana Tupper