Letter: Dredging, not dam, should be Yarmouth's priority

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I am asking the Yarmouth Town Council to table discussion of the dam removal until such time as the harbor dredging is accomplished.

With permits in hand, Yarmouth must be careful not to introduce any uncertainty that could motivate agencies to rescind them. The prospect of dam removal in such close proximity to the harbor presents exactly that unwanted kind of uncertainty.

The dam removal is about fish. The harbor is about people, and Yarmouth’s viability as a sea-going town. That’s no contest in my book. People have to be top priority; let that be the council’s legacy. As long as the prospect of dam removal presents any risk at all to the prospect of dredging the harbor, the council needs to put the dam project on the shelf.

Permits for the dredging have been issued. Until that is accomplished, discussion about removing the dams is reckless.

Jane Gildart