Letter: Doubts about intent of Freeport withdrawal panel

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I am in complete disbelief on how the Freeport Withdrawal Committee is conducting itself. The first is to hold the high school future visioning meeting, one of such significant importance, on April 17 – the day before Good Friday and the evening of the beginning of spring vacation week, as well as Easter weekend. I know of many families, ours included, that will be long gone by then. This is the worst day they could pick for this and I am sure will get the attendance to reflect that. This could appear to be a calculated attempt by the committee.

Second, they also gave such ample notice, 12 days, to get the word out. This is the bare minimum I am assuming, if not less than, for a public meeting. This also will bring a low turnout. This is not the way to transparency. It appalls me that this group would seem to steer the way of limited information. Open your eyes and minds to seeing all sides.

A third point is this undertaking is not one of your 11 points that the committee always refers to. Why is the public’s money being spent on a facilitator and mailings if this is not an area of your responsibility? Since we are straying from the path, let’s stray in a reasonable direction, I implore you to come up with a reasonable budget for a stand-alone school district without any help from the other two towns.

Move this meeting and get a broader public view.

Chris Parker