Letter: Don't recall Scarborough School Board members

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A vote to determine whether to recall three Scarborough School Board members is set to take place May 8. The recall process is in place to allow for a recall of elected officials who have exhibited incompetence in the performance of their duties. In this case, I believe that the process has been abused and we should instead be congratulating our School Board chairwoman, Donna Beeley, and her two colleagues for their outstanding professionalism. Under Donna’s leadership, the board has had several significant accomplishments.

First, they have worked to develop a district budget process which is fair and far more transparent and inclusive than ever. Second, a School Business Partnership Committee has been formed and is active in connecting these two interests. Third, through countless hours of discussion, they have persevered to implement a school start-time calendar that reflects movement toward best practices nationally. Fourth, they have worked tirelessly to place Scarborough High School on track toward meeting the state-mandated proficiency-based high school graduation requirements. Lastly, in the face of growing controversy, they have been steadfast in adhering both to district personnel policy and Maine law in maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive personnel matters.

In summary, throughout dealing with these and other matters, Donna and her colleagues have shown positive leadership and, I believe, should be commended for their exceptional competence and professionalism. Please vote, and when you do, vote no on the recall.

Jim Elkins