Letter: Don't let legislators kill ranked-choice voting

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The decision by Mainers to implement ranked-choice voting received 388,000 votes, the second-largest referendum vote in Maine’s history. The message to state legislators is clear: We are fed up with government gridlock. RCV was supported because it is a more accurate reflection of voter support, second-choice votes are part of the process, third-party candidates have a realistic shot, and because there is clear incentive to campaign without demonizing opponents.

Why not honor the will of Maine voters and apply RCV to primary and local elections, where it can be immediately implemented, and seriously look into an amendment to the state Constitution? I’ll answer my own question: because vested political entities feel threatened by elections that encourage substance over bullying tactics. I urge RCV supporters to connect with your legislators to express support for full implementation of ranked-choice voting in 2018.

Kymberly Dakin

  • AceOfThumbs

    Legislators will give the reason that the Supreme Court disallows it. They will say that if they accepted a partial measure, that 2 types of ballots would be confusing. They will cite cost. And if hope still lives, they will have delayed the process so long that then they can claim that there isn’t sufficient time.

    Lies, damn lies! Please do not believe them. The legislature can institute Ranked Choice voting immediately. The Supreme Court’s opinion is not binding. They can then make a constitutional amendment to solidify the law before any elections occur. If 2 ballot types are a problem, let’s just get the 1 type, ranked choice. This doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of time.

    Just do your job! If you truly represent the people, do your job. We will be taking notes on who is with the people and who is against us. Come next election, you need to be on the right side. We will not forget.