Letter: Don't legislate compliance with immigration laws

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I write to support the views expressed last week by Sally Regan. She eloquently made the case against LD 366, “An Act to Ensure Compliance with Federal Immigration Law by State and Local Government Entities.” This bill will damage our the community. Although President Trump declared during his campaign that undocumented immigrants would only be deported if they had committed serious crimes, immigrants who have committed no crime are now being seized.

In our area, ICE officers recently picked up and put in the Cumberland County Jail a man who has lived in the U.S. for 20 years and is married to a U.S. citizen.

Another person picked up by ICE has now been moved out of the Cumberland County Jail and disappeared from sight. Is this what we want for our community?

LD 366 would only make things worse by forcing police officers to act as immigration agents and punishing towns that don’t comply by cutting all state funding. Please contact your state legislators to vote against the bill.

Cristina Malcolmson

  • EdBeem

    First they came for the immigrants…

    • Charles Martel

      No, Niemoller’s poem mentions [them] coming after communists, social democrats, trade unionists and then the Jews, not immigrants.

      Yesterday (4/24), I met a young couple from Germany so I asked them what they thought of Merkel’s immigration policies. They said there is rampant crime, rape and the people are really scared of what’s happening there even in the smaller towns. They also thought Le Pen would win in France because of what’s happening all throughout Europe.

      The Left’s arguments on immigration are specious. Read my observations on the public hearing for LDs 366, 847, & 1099 above.

  • Charles Martel

    I listened to the public hearing on-line. These are my comments:

    The testimony of Larry Lockman, Hanen’s, Finkbeimer’s, Casimiro’s, Morrell’s,
    Mosher’s, Herbert’s, etc. were accurate and fact based. Not so with Ross’s,
    Hickman’s, LaChance’s, Fatuma Hussein’s, Mahoney’s, Merrill’s etc. I don’t
    believe Yomoah’s claims that LD 366 violates the 4th & 14th Amendments…but,
    I’m not a lawyer. The proponents, however, should be very insulted about being
    called racists, profilers and xenophobes by the opposition.

    According to Catholic Charities-ME’s 2012 990 Form, they had revenues of $25m
    (recent 990s not available). If Dean LaChance’s numbers are correct that they
    re-settle 300-350 refugees/year, that works out to a cost of $71,000. – $83,000.
    for each refugee.

    Take a look at the salaries in Part VII. The CEO, Letourneau, made $130K, the
    COO, Tiner, $104K, the psychiatrist $175K, and the two dentists @ $163K ea. and
    that was 5 years ago! Good gigs for Maine. Don’t forget, by Lachance’s own
    admission, those figures don’t include additional taxpayer subsidies from the
    Feds. Also see pg. 9. Altruistic? Humane interests?

    It appears that many who spoke against these bills were likely working for
    non-profits, not viable private sector businesses.

    How did the “cultural broker”, Fatuma Hussein, raise 8 children without
    assistance (as she claimed) when most of us can barely afford one or two? She
    also said she owned and ran a business. Was it the United Somali Women of ME
    (which changed it’s name to the Immigrant Resource Center of ME)? This 501(c)(3)
    non-profit had revenues of $260K in 2014 from the government (taxpayers) and
    some public donations.

    Other observations:

    *Rep. Rachel Talbot Ross read Pious Ali’s testimony. Before becoming a city
    councilman, Pious ran the ME Interfaith Youth Alliance, another non-profit. He’s
    also admitted he is a sharia-adherent Muslim which means he places Islamic law
    above our man-made laws such as the ME & U.S. Constitutions. Furthermore, his
    loyalties lie with Allah and Muhammad, not American immigration laws. Remember
    Maj. Nidal Hasan who also took an oath of allegiance?

    It’s also questionable in my mind that a PAID state employee, Catherine Yomoah
    who runs the refugee resettlement program, should be testifying against citizen
    initiated bills on behalf of refugees, illegals and immigrants in general.

    There is another component to the refugee crisis which in many people’s opinion
    is manufactured. It’s the “Hijra” commanded by Muhammad to emigrate and
    proselytize for Islam. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) made up of
    57 Muslim majority countries is calling the shots at the UNHCR (UN High
    Commissioner for Refugees) which is why we take in very few Christian refugees
    from the Middle East. Oil rich countries such as Saudi Arabia haven’t taken a
    single refugee because they are complicit in enabling the Hijra.

  • Chew H Bird

    Illegally entering a country is a serious crime. What would the author think if someone illegally started living on their front lawn and was able to receive benefits from the homeowners checking account?