Letter: Don't forget to vote in North Yarmouth, Pownal

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On June 14, the people of North Yarmouth and Pownal are invited and encouraged to cast their ballots for selectmen and School Board members. This is your opportunity to be a true participant in the democratic process. You have the choice of the people you want to lead your community and your school. If you are like me and you care about your community, you will show up and be counted.

We have a participant democracy where everyone has an equal voice. Your voice is as important as your neighbors or the family across town. The work the boards and councils will do will impact your daily life whether that means filling those pesky potholes, educating your child or showing up when you have an emergency. You can change the course of your town’s and school’s work by voting and participating in the process.

On June 18, North Yarmouth will hold its annual Town Meeting. Each year it is vital that community members show up and speak up. This year in addition to the budget, we will be tackling issues around funding recreation and library services that we share with Cumberland. If you care about whether you and your family will be able to participate in these activities, show up and let your voice be heard.

Pownal’s Town Meeting is June 20.

I look forward to seeing you at Town Meeting or at the polls.

Rep. Anne P. Graham
North Yarmouth