Letter: Don't deny access to Willard Beach

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Why should young families in South Portland be denied the joy of sharing the ocean and beach with their children and dogs for a few hours a day? Why should seniors and their beloved pets have to lose this wonderful way to be together, strolling the beach and exercising? Why should anyone regardless of age or situation have to lose access to this community resource with their dog?

Do you want part of your legacy to be that you voted to close Willard Beach to families or singles with dogs, even for the mere two hours that they can now enjoy it each morning and evening during the spring, summer and fall?

Think about your legacy to future families and all people as you decide how you will vote. Will you protect history and vote with tradition, to share Willard Beach as its always been; children playing with their dogs on the beach and in the water, or will this become just one more memory of how childhood used to be and how everyone could have once relaxed and recreated? Gone forever. Sacrificed and usurped. Your vote against the ordinance is your chance to save this community treasure to be shared now and preserved for future generations.

Patti Austin
South Portland