Letter: Don't change Pine Point

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I have lived in Pine Point all my life and my ancestors settled here in the 1600s. All my life I’ve spent many hours on our beautiful beach. I am an avid bird watcher and have many friends who I’ve met through birding.

I no longer walk the beach like I did in my youth and depend now on Pine Point’s beach access roads to do my bird watching. We are very lucky because these right of ways were planned long ago by our town fathers. Several are 50 feet wide, but only have a walking path. But one of the most important ones is Depot Street, which is the end of the Pine Point Road in front of the motel. It’s important because it’s very wide and easy to turn a car around in. It allows people like myself a chance to enjoy the shore from their car all year round. If it is closed and given away in exchange for a narrow path, I know many people, myself included, will be unable to walk there.

I’ve never known so many people to take the time to speak to the Town Council and write letters to the papers. I signed the petition also, and I cannot understand why some members of the Town Council dismissed all of this public input.

I urge the council to do what the town fathers did in the 19th century – provide a place for the people to drive to the shore as we’ve done for generations.

Gloria J. Carson