Letter: Don't believe the tar-sands advocates

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I’m not surprised Canadian representatives advocating carrying tar-sands oil from Alberta to Portland came here with their dog-and-pony show (“Canadian official brings ‘fact’ about tar sands to Portland”). I am surprised however, that there is not more resistance by citizens to the tar sands, which has significant impact on global climate change.

There are several important facts to remember about this project. The first is the devastation to the area of extraction. Alberta forests and waters have been severely impacted by the tar-sands project. An area the size of Florida has already been polluted and stripped of trees and topsoil. The Keystone XL pipeline is the major way for this highly toxic oil to be shipped to the Gulf of Mexico, where this dirty oil would be sent to China and other energy-hungry countries. Some of this oil would also come via existing pipelines to other areas, including to Casco Bay. The extraction process isn’t the only problem with this project. The burning of this oil is, and will be, the single most polluting source of carbon contributing to global climate change on this already imperiled planet.

There are only 45 days left to submit comments to the U.S. State Department on the Keystone XL project. Please take the time and urge Secretary Kerry and President Obama to not allow this project to continue. Tell them our air and water are not for sale at any price.

Don Kimball
South Portland