Letter: Dodge doesn't speak for tea party

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Andrew Ian Dodge is a very interesting individual. However, he is not the leader of the tea party in Maine. There are many factions within the tea party movement. I believe Mr. Dodge is involved with Tea Party Patriots, a national organization. The major tea party movement in Maine was started by two individuals who created Maine Patriots and Maine Refounders. Many groups have started as local chapters of these two groups, and some have chosen to be sovereign. Although the basis of the tea party movement is similar, some groups, like Cumberland County Tea Party of Maine (CCTP), do not endorse specific candidates or parties and therefore do not claim affiliation with any group or leader. CCTP did not endorse the GOProud letter.

Suggesting Mr. Dodge is the leader of Maine’s tea party movement is like saying Pat Buchanen is the leader of all Maine political groups. The tea party is a group of individuals dedicated to defending the Constitution. Our mission at CCTP is to defend the original interpretation and application of the Constitution and to inform the public when laws and actions trample on the rights of citizens.

Lauren Wynne