Letter: District 64 incumbent is 'anything but moderate'

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I’m writing to express my disappointment in state Rep. Kim Olsen, R-Phippsburg. Since her election in House District 64, Olsen has been anything but moderate.

On women’s health, she co-sponsored two far-right bills that would take away a woman’s ability to make her own health-care decisions.

She voted twice to disenfranchise her fellow Mainers, including the bill taking away your ability to register to vote on Election Day that 61 percent of us rejected last November.

And she voted for a partisan, short-sighted budget that cuts Head Start (a program that helps children succeed, reduces crime, and saves us tax dollars) and forces many towns to make deep cuts to schools and raise our property taxes at the same time.

I will be voting for her opponent, Jeremy Saxton, this November, because I want a reasonable, moderate voice representing us in Augusta.

Dan Dowd