Letter: Disappointed with Collins' stance on tar sands

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I am a retired high school science teacher who has followed climate science for the past 40 years. I write to express my disappointment with Sen. Susan Collins’ vote to endorse the Keystone tar sands pipeline. My question for her is: Do you believe in climate science as presented by the overwhelming majority of climate scientists or do you side with ExxonMobil, Chevron, and others who have spent tens of millions of dollars to sow seeds of doubt about that science?

James Hansen of NASA, a leading climate scientist, has said that the result of burning of the Alberta tar sands will be “game over” for the planet. He and other climate scientists have determined that 80 percent of all fossil fuel reserves need to be kept in the ground if we are not to do irreparable damage to the climate system. Which do you side with, the fossil fuel industry, or the vast majority of climate scientists? Although these same tar sands might be coming to Casco Bay through the Portland Pipeline, this is not an issue of “not in my backyard,” but an issue of “not on our planet.”

William Rixon