Letter: Did Brunswick officials violate their own policy?

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After reading the Oct. 31 issue, I am finding difficulty in understanding the “concern” of Brunswickk’s town councilors. An article states “since the policy was enacted in 1995, town managers have allowed employees, on a largely informal basis, to collect extra vacation time.” Actually, this should say that Don Gerrish and Gary Brown, the only managers during this time period, managed to violate this town policy for nearly 20 years. Additionally, it’s John Eldridge’s signature that appears on the checks written for excess vacation time, for he has been the finance director for more than 20 years.

So my concern is that our town officials have been violating their own policies, doling out our tax money when they should not have been, and kept it quiet until Eldridge’s contract was negotiated. Funny that he now “intends to address the issue” when he should have done so beginning in 1995.

I also find it offensive that councilors have concern that Eldridge would have grounds to take the town to court over this issue if the excess time was not allowed to be carried over for him. Let me summarize: The finance director violates written policy by writing checks to departing employees for this excess time, and then has grounds to sue the town if he doesn’t get his share? Seriously? Our elected officials should have concerns that the taxpayers of Brunswick could have grounds to sue the town or even Eldridge for signing these checks.

Karen Klatt