Letter: Diaz brings bias to gun discussion

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Abby Diaz said “I hate guns” (“Abby’s Road: Let’s talk about guns”). That explains a lot; hate and emotion suppress logic and rationality. Before we can have a rational discussion about guns, you have to overcome your irrational and morbid fear of guns and gun owners. Fanatic, Islamic extremists hate Christians, are torturing and beheading them; would you want that group to make decisions and laws about your religious practices? Likewise, gun owners do not want people who suffer from “hoplophobia” (an irrational and morbid fear of guns) to make decisions about gun ownership and use. Hoplophobes can’t have meaningful discussions nor make logical decisions about guns.

Abby says the U.S. is the worst because we have more mass shootings than any other country. But killings not done by firearms are left out of her data. Being concerned about the killing of innocent people, and using worldwide statistics to make a case, we must look at all homicides. The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime lists homicides by country. It shows the United States is near the middle of the list, No. 111 out of 218; not the best, but far from the worst. This tells us that murderers will attempt to kill by whatever weapon they can get their hands on, doesn’t it? The argument that guns are the sole cause of the mass killings and therefore if we eliminate guns, the mass killings will go away, doesn’t appear to hold water; does it?

John Porter
New Harbor