Letter: Diamon wrong about Cote’s candidacy

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Although Al Diamon’s latest column (“Meet the New Boss”) is accurate in pointing out the potential danger independents Alan Caron and Terry Hayes pose to the eventual Democratic nominee, he’s way off base in assessing Adam Cote. For starters, if Diamon took the time to examine Cote’s positions on the issues, he’d find a progressive in the best sense of the word, and not a middle-of-the-road candidate Diamon likens to Janet Mills.

I’m not sure why Cote shouldn’t speak often about his military service; in this instance I’ll do it for him. He served honorably in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan (he was subsequently awarded the Bronze Star for his service there). He’s justifiably proud of his service, and he’s keenly attuned to the needs of our veterans. I think we should thank him, rather than say he “talks way more than necessary about his military service.”

I suspect Cote will receive a significant number of second-place votes, but since I expect him to receive more first-place votes than any other candidate, he’ll be the Democratic nominee – and our next governor. So, rather than follow your advice and wait until November to email Diamon his column, I’ll tell him right now that he’s wrong. I can’t say for certain what Shawn Moody or Mary Mayhew will be doing on Nov. 6, but it won’t be spraying victory champagne.

Stephen McKay