Letter: Diamon paints candidates with too broad a brush

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In his recent column Al Diamon purports to survey the gubernatorial candidates’ websites and declares that they do not say anything. While many of the websites he refers to fall into the saying nothing category, there are two worth noting that do not.

Mark Dion’s website contains a “platform” tab, and one click brings you to nine sections where he lists areas of interest and some specifics of what he wants to do. It reflects a no-nonsense approach to issues as befits a former law enforcement officer.

If the reader wants to find out what is in the mind of a broad policy thinker, I commend the reader to Adam Cote’s website. The “issues” tab takes the site visitor to a detailed list of what Cote believes are important issues and provides specific policies that address those issues. For instance, Cote believes that broadening Maine’s sources of energy is important and he would support and pass legislation that would promote the increased use of alternative sources of energy and do so in cooperation with the University of Maine. Job creation and help for seniors are policy issues important to Cote. He would expand broadband in Maine that would support job creation and help our seniors access health care via the internet. There are many, other policies contained in the issues section of the website worth reviewing. This is not the website of a say-nothing candidate.

Sam Rudman