Letter: Democrats, Republicans more alike than not

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A letter writer on Aug. 24 complained that Edgar Allen Beem has lost his rationality when commenting on GOP behavior. I am mystified that not a single commentary that I have read since Trump was inaugurated has compared the behavior of the Democrats currently in Congress to that of the Republicans during the Obama years. As I recall, almost simultaneously with Obama’s first inauguration, the U.S. Senate majority leader announced that Republicans would oppose every effort Obama proposed or supported. For the succeeding eight years the GOP was referred to as the Party of No.

In my opinion, Democrats in Congress today are acting exactly as the Republicans did previously. I am ashamed of the Democrats for acting in such a petty, childish manner and wish they would exhibit some integrity and principle. However, to hold the Republicans blameless for their similar actions during Obama’s administrations is hypocritical and biased.

Warner Price