Letter: Democracy ignored in Scarborough

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“People will believe what they want to believe.” “If one repeats a lie often enough folks will believe it to be true.” Jeffrey Messer’s letter proved that he is one of them.

I live in the area of Pine Point where there is very adequate access to the beach and ocean. Accordingly I have no personal attachment to the old Depot Street. I have no objection to the land swap if it benefits the town and citizens of Scarborough. So far, I still do not know what Scarborough is gaining from this land swap. On the contrary, the town is giving up a road for a footpath.

Councilors Rancourt and D’Andrea had indicated that they were not sure and needed more information. They had the integrity and common sense to vote against the land swap. They already said what they needed to say at the July 15 hearing. If the other councilors chose to conduct this behind closed doors and that Chairman Wood already commented that it was a done deal, what could the two of them say against five?

As for democracy, it really is in the eyes of the beholder. A citizen initiating a change in the town charter is democracy. Having over 80 people speak at the public hearings is democracy. The numerous people writing to the area newspapers is democracy. Discrediting 374 signed petitioners and ridiculing them by saying that “people will sign anything” is not democracy, it is bias.

Gaston Lee