Letter: Delogu's pursuit of LePage reveals columnist's bias

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Orlando Delogu in his “Policy Wonk” column took Gov. Paul LePage to task for his “refusal to allow Maine to participate in the Affordable Care Act.” The Wonk further states that LePage has cut 70,000 low-income Mainers off from the benefits of health insurance. I tend not to read opinion columns because the writers are usually of the extreme ends of the political scale and do not care about facts or truth getting in the way of their ideologies. This applies to liberals and conservatives; do we really expect the truth from either Rachel Maddow or Rush Limbaugh?

What is disturbing about the recent column by the Wonk is that he ignores the truth. Mainers are not cut-off from the benefits of ObamaCare. LePage decided that under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, Maine would not set up a state health-care insurance exchange. The same decision was made by over 30 other states. Mainers are free to sign-up for ObamaCare health insurance through the federal health-care exchanges. In fact, in the last week the local news has reported the great success of Mainers signing up for health care through HealthCare.gov.

As the Wonk’s bio states, he is a professor emeritus at the UMaine School of Law. I hope his students are being better served with the facts and the truth in their studies than we are by untruths the Wonk is using to feed his bias. Ignoring the truth slips into ignorance.

Terry Turner