Letter: Delogu's democracy often leads to dictatorship

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Let’s get one thing straight, shall we? If the numbers were reversed, and Hillary Clinton had won the Electoral College vote, and Donald Trump had won the popular vote, we would not be having this conversation (Policy Wonk: “Minority rule is not democracy,” by Orlando Delogu). You know it, I know it, and everybody else knows it.

Secondly, calling the 2016 presidential election “a close Electoral College race” is disingenuous at best. And dishonest at worst. Trump creamed Hillary Clinton. Trump won in 3,084 counties across the USA. Clinton won 57 counties. Granted, Clinton won the extremely densely populated counties in New York and California, and so garnered the popular vote. She won by over 4 million votes in California.

I am pretty confident that Maine people do not want to be ruled by people in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

We live in a Republic of states, and pure Democracy is not a good option. Our forefathers were extremely wise in understanding that, and just because “things have changed” does not mean that human nature has changed. Let me point out that Russia is a democracy, as is Venezuela. Does anybody think they have a better system than we do here? I didn’t think so. Democracies have a history of becoming dictatorships, with elections held to legitimize dictators. If that is the direction you want to take us, Mr. Delogu, I will be there to fight you all the way. And I will not be alone.

Barry Stephens