Letter: Delogu is wrong on several levels

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I have to respond to Orlando Delogu’s mindless diatribe against Donald Trump and the majority of American voters (“Policy Wonk: Here’s what’s really deplorable about Trump”). The American electorate is pretty much done with “policy wonks” telling us what to think.

For every slight to women that Donald Trump has been accused of, there is a verifiable victim of sexual assault by Hillary Clinton’s husband. While Clinton covered up these assaults, Trump advanced women to executive positions in his companies. If there is a war on women, Bill Clinton is the warrior in chief, and Hillary Clinton is his enabler.

And then the race card, with zero evidence. Deplorable is calling Trump a racist when he simply wants immigrants to follow the law. Denying that there has been a steady and growing problem with rapes, murders and assaults committed by illegal immigrants, many times after repeatedly being deported, is deplorable and foolish.

Trump embellishes the truth and exaggerates. Clinton lies to Congress, the American people and to the families of the victims in Benghazi. While putting national security and the lives of American operatives overseas at risk by setting up an unsecured, illegal private email server while Secretary of State.

And the economy? What planet is Delogu on? The labor participation went to an all-time low under Obama, so there is nowhere to go but up. Yet millions of Americans remain without jobs, Obamacare is crashing, and jobs keep leaving Maine. Enough said.

Barry Stephens