Letter: Delogu is out of touch with America

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It is nice to sit in the halls of academia where tenure is the coin of the realm and you can rub elbows with people who think like you and where a conservative thought is never allowed a breath of life. Orlando Delogu (“Policy Wonk: Here’s what’s really deplorable about Trump”) lists the groups who “overwhelmingly” support Donald Trump in the same “basket” that Hillary used to describe 50 percent of Trump’s supporters. He then goes on to denigrate Trump’s misogynistic treatment of women, but Hillary’s husband, a serial abuser of women, gets a pass. He claims Trump lies with impunity (of course Hillary always tells the truth) and trashes the economy, and then claims we have had “the longest recovery in the nation’s history.” Tell that to the 12 million Americans who are out of the labor force and not counted in unemployment rates, or the folks who are working multiple part-time jobs to survive.

Trump has tapped into visceral anger that Delogu can never understand. People are sick of the elitists in Washington telling them who can keep and bear arms, what their children are taught in school, what they can eat in the cafeteria, and what bathrooms and locker rooms they must use. They are sick of a government of the establishment, by the establishment, and for the establishment, and Hillary, the ultimate establishment candidate, cannot and will not change Washington.

Jim Coull
Cliff Island