Letter: Delogu ignores concerns behind 'Soul' question

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Orlando Delogu’s recent column (“Policy Wonk: Save the Soul of Portland initiative makes no sense”) dismisses important community concerns defended by Save the Soul of Portland’s referendum Question 2.

Thriving cities like Seattle and Austin preserve distinctive character and citizens’ connections with nature by protecting public views of rivers, waterfronts and nearby mountains.

Question 2 saves spectacular public vistas of Portland Harbor from the sidewalks of two blocks of upper Fore Street.

The “1983 Public Access Design Project” concluded Portland should “protect and enhance” this view-shed, which will become “increasingly important for the well-being of the entire City.”

Portland is defined by visual connections with its harbor. This panorama enhances the lives of neighborhood residents, joggers, and strolling office workers. More than 4,000 vehicles pass daily.

The topography of the 10-acre 58 Fore St. site allows buildings up to six stories high without sacrificing public views.

Brian Burwell