Letter: DeLogu, Electoral College critics are sore losers

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As a law professor, Orlando DeLogu should be ashamed of his recent Policy Wonk column (“Not all votes are created equal”). As a citizen, he should be embarrassed. And as a liberal Democrat, he should be proud.

The USA is not a democracy; it is a republic of states. True democracy is more like mob rule, and the founders of this country knew that. They established a republic, with most powers enumerated to the states. And they wrote the Bill of Rights in order to prevent the mob from trampling on the rights of individuals, and the minority. You should know that.

Why do liberals always want to change the rules? Gov. Paul LePage won two elections, and the mob gave us ranked-choice voting. Where were they when Gov. John Baldacci won two elections with smaller pluralities?

And now with Donald Trump’s election, those same liberals want to change the rules, abandon the Electoral College, and revert to mob rule, with a few states determining who our president will be.

To complain about the outcome of an election after the fact is ridiculous. The entire election was fought to win the Electoral College vote. Trump won. If the goal was to win the popular vote, both Hillary Clinton and Trump would have run completely different campaigns. And voters would behave differently, and the outcome would be different. Or not. Changing the rules is for sore losers.

Barry Stephens