Letter: Debate about Falmouth bus service is over

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One of the most resounding victories during this year’s election was Falmouth’s vote defeating a referendum that would have ended METRO bus service by the end of 2013.

Voters rejected the referendum by 5,289 to 2,223, or 70 percent.

Even though many voters don’t live near bus routes Nos. 6 and 7 and some may never ride the bus, an overwhelming majority view the bus has a public service that should be continued.

The people have spoken and the debate over the bus is over.

One bus rider who asks me regularly whether she needs to move because she doesn’t have a car should finally be able to relax.

One of the employees at Staples who commutes by bus should stop worrying that he will lose his job.

The 22 business owners in Falmouth with employees who take the bus no longer need to be concerned they will lose part of their workforce.

Folks at OceanView, commuters and families should be confident they will have transportation they can rely on.

Campaign coordinator Lisa Agnew as well as people who wrote letters to The Forecaster did an excellent job reminding voters the bus is more than a metal box with wheels that go round. The bus is about real people who ride it – maybe your neighbor, your friend’s grandmother or the guy who carries your bag of mulch at Skillins. From the street, they may only seem invisible.

To the voters of Falmouth, thank you, and to the Friends of the Flyer, congratulations on an excellent campaign.

Town Councilor Bonny Rodden