Letter: Cumberland voters should do the math

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Merriam-Webster defines majority as “a number that is greater than half of the total number.” As a percentage it is greater than 50 percent. In preparation for its 2009 Comprehensive Plan, the town of Cumberland surveyed its residents. The residents were asked specifically about connecting Tuttle Road to Route 9 via Harris Road; 47 percent of respondents supported this connection. Similarly, only 37 percent supported connecting Tuttle to Greely adjacent to Twin Brook, and 31 percent supported connecting Blanchard and Greely Road Extension.

Yet, the town has adopted a Comprehensive Plan calling for eliminating dead-end roads, which is also known as inter-connectivity. They have reaffirmed this goal in their 2014 plan updates. I call this “dis-connectivity” between what the residents want and what the town has planned.

Please vote no on Question 2. Otherwise you will be setting a critical precedent and your neighborhood may be next.

Stu Curran