Letter: Cumberland officials behaving badly

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It is with great disappointment and in such poor taste I found the behavior of the Cumberland Town Council and town manager at last week’s meeting.

State Rep. Michael Timmons, R-Cumberland, came at the invitation of the council to report on his change of vote on Land for Maine’s Future (LD 1378). Timmons changed his vote from what was to be affirmative to a no because the bill was changed with an onerous amendment that would have stripped the powers of the chief executive in all bond issues. The most important responsibility of the chief executive is to manage the fiscal house of the state. We all know the tough economic situation this state has been in, when there have not been enough revenues to cover budgeted expenses and the hard decisions the governor has made to balance the budget. This bill would have taken those powers away. I would also like to add that even former Gov. John Baldacci in a radio interview did not agree with the amended bill.

The council and the manger went too far and misbehaved. They most likely knew ahead of the meeting that the circumstances had changed when it came to the vote on the floor and why Timmons voted against it. Where is the honor and respect of publicly elected officials and staff? Does calling Timmons a “liar” help the situation?

I am embarrassed by this behavior and that supposedly they represent me.

Susan Hamill