Letter: Cumberland clean-up could use some help

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I live near the Rock Ridge Conservancy and the power line that it cuts across. This wonderful area is used by me and others throughout the year for off-road vehicles, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking, and hunting. Up until recently, one would see occasional litter; however, recently I came across an area between Harris and Tuttle roads near the bend in the power line, where an obvious large party of underage drinkers took place.

Why do I say underage drinkers? Because they were also playing beer pong, and usually adults don’t need to party on a power line road, and then leave at least 1,000 beer bottles and cans strewn about for fear of being caught.

As I was trying to pick up the debris, which after a while I felt was becoming overwhelming, I decided that there are several groups in the area who might like to help with the clean-up and make some money for their organizations. There’s also a nice 8-foot folding table (used for the beer pong game) that was left behind that’s also available. This area can be reached easily with any off-road vehicles from either Harris or Tuttle. Just bring plenty of trash bags.

Mark Aranson