Letter: Crosby behaves like 'John Wayne'

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To anybody with a normal sense of logic, the first culprit in thefts of Gary Crosby’s signs “mostly near schools” would have been school children who, I would imagine, take exception to having their walk with their family dogs on Willard Beach curtailed. Crosby’s culprits are his “opponents” SoPo Dog and, of course, without any facts to substantiate his allegations.

This is the same sort of tactic that he uses against dog owners on Willard Beach – lots of rhetoric and scare tactics, but no facts. He has been asked many times to produce facts to validate his allegations and, to date, has been unable to. He wants to cast dog owners as the ” bad people” in this dispute and he, readily, as the “knight in shining armor. ” But perhaps I’ve got that bit wrong – let’s say “John Wayne.”

Anthony Young
South Portland