Letter: Criticism of Greely High School is unwarranted

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Recently, there has been a lot of press in response to the photo that a member of the Greely High School girls basketball team posted on the Internet. I am a senior at Greely, and in my experience the school has been very supportive and accepting of all. Never have I witnessed anything remotely close to the neo-Nazi culture that some have alleged to thrive there. Those who have spoken out against the students and current administration simply don’t know what they’re talking about, and are trying to make connections where none exist.

In seeking to build a story, the press has exaggerated some details and, quite frankly, fabricated others. And it has gone too far. The truth is that the Hitler salute photo was merely part of an innocent, though ill-advised and insensitive, inside joke. Yes, they used poor judgement. But it was in no way an effort to “subjugate those who are different,” as has been unfairly stated by some. Nor is it reflective of any shortcomings of the administration.

Let me emphasize that I do not think what the girls did was acceptable. But I wholeheartedly object to the misrepresentation of Greely and the bitter call for retribution. Before the press came in to find a catchy headline in this situation, there was simply an inside joke, not at all reflective of the Greely school culture. The whole situation has spiraled out of control, and needs to stop here.

Duncan Routh
North Yarmouth