Letter: Criticism of Beem is off the mark

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I must strongly disagree with Walter Eno’s assessment of Edgar Allen Beem’s column regarding assisted suicide. I completely agree with Beem’s comment, as quoted by Mr. Eno: “… I am frankly sick and tired of the Catholic Church and religious conservatives trying to force their beliefs on society as a whole.” But Eno puts words in Beem’s mouth when he offers a translation: “Don’t do as I do, do as I say, and stop defending your beliefs so I can impose my values on you.”

Eno’s translation is off the mark. Beem made no suggestion that he wished to impose his beliefs on anyone, nor do I. I believe a more accurate translation, if indeed any is needed, is simply as Beem wrote, “… if you think (it) is wrong, don’t do it, but … don’t tell others they cannot.”

That in no way imposes any values on another, whereas telling anyone that they cannot do something because the speaker disagrees with the action most assuredly does attempt to impose a value.

Warner Price