Letter: Critical analysis hurts Brunswick's image

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Is Brunswick “anti-business”? No. Could we do more to improve our attitude towards business? Absolutely.

The Forecaster’s recent character assassination of Steve Levesque, chairman of the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority, is an unfortunate example.

Steve has an unparalleled career in public service, a proven record of success in economic development and, moreover, unmatched integrity. I know I echo the opinion of anyone who has worked with him during his 25-year career in state and local government.

Those of us who know Steve saw through your attempt to twist his words, especially because it was done so backhandedly – by making accusations of deception and spitefulness under the shroud of a news analysis.

Even more ludicrous is the juxtaposition of this “analysis” with an article on the very same page examining whether Brunswick has an anti-business attitude.

Do you seriously believe that an unfounded attack on a business leader in our community doesn’t have consequences for our business climate?

To be sure, there were valid arguments why Oxford Aviation wasn’t a great tenant for Brunswick Naval Air Station. And it may not have been a good idea for the MRRA board to consider their offer (although one wonders in this economy how many legitimate prospects are on the horizon). Report those facts, but do it in a way that is professional, and respectful of all parties involved in the debate.

Otherwise, you’re just reinforcing F. Lee Bailey’s inaccurate claim that Brunswick is anti- business.

Newell Augur, vice chairman
Governor’s BRAC Advisory Council