Letter: Couldn't agree more with Beem

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I just picked up The Forecaster in order to read Edgar Allen Beem’s opinion column, as I always do prior to getting on the ferry to Diamond Cove. I read “Blame it on the poor, Standard & Poor’s, that is.”

I have to say that I couldn’t agree more and further have to add that I continually have to thank the gods in the heavens above that there are still those individuals out there that have a public forum and are willing to say the things that need to be said, despite the fact that they may not necessarily win a popularity poll.

I often feel (and I hope many of you do, too) that I am outnumbered by those who do not share both my social and political views; especially since the election of our esteemed governor. So it is indeed comforting to read a voice that every now and again gives credence to your own and let’s you know you are not alone.

Thank you, Edgar. Keep on truckin’.

Donna Schwartz