Letter: Cote stands out from Diamon's Democratic pack

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Al Diamon’s column on the candidates running for the Democratic nomination for governor didn’t do much for me. Sure, I chuckled once or twice, but given the nightmare that’s enveloped the state these past seven years (and counting), the opportunity to bury the LePage reign of error once and for all feels like serious business to me.

The fact that the field is crowded isn’t the least bit concerning. Attrition, and the June primary, will determine the candidate for the general election – and the man or woman who will return the Blaine house to a place of civility and respect.

I expect that candidate will be Adam Cote. I have no idea what Diamon may have said previously, but it hardly matters. Cote’s many years of service (including tours of duty in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, for which he received the Bronze Star) along with his entrepreneurial experience as CEO of Thermal Energy Storage of Maine, and the fact that he’s a political outsider, make him uniquely positioned.

With a focus on creating a strong economy capable of producing good-paying jobs in every part of the state, and bringing an end to the divisive politics that have hampered our progress and turned “compromise” into a dirty word, I have no doubt Adam Cote will be a great governor.

If Diamon would set aside his cynicism, he’d recognize this as a great opportunity.

Stephen McKay