Letter: Corruption, arrogance in Freeport

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Seacoast United soccer in Freeport? That’s not the issue. Expanded commercial zoning in residential neighborhoods is the issue.

Here in Freeport, we have the chairman of the Town Council, the chairwoman of the Planning Board, and the previous Freeport Economic Development Corp. president, now a councilor, all guiding and participating in deliberations and decisions in their alternate roles as private sector Freeport Economic Development Council board members, devising alternative strategies to produce a desired “yes” vote on an issue scheduled to come before them as Town Council/Planning Board members. This is a clear conflict of interest and an inside job.

Furthermore, the Planning Board chairwoman clearly, as recorded in corporation minutes in her role as vice president of FEDC, engaged in prohibited ex parte communications with the FEDC board regarding agenda items coming before her on the Planning Board.

If all of this is not a conflict of interest, it certainly gives the appearance of impropriety. Bottom line: there’s a total absence of proper ethical conduct. Are these folks’ behaviors corrupt and arrogant? Yes they are, in every sense of both words.

G.M. Quattrucci
South Freeport