Letter: Contrary to Balentine’s belief, swamp is growing

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John Balentine seems to be living in an alternative universe (“Here’s Something: The swamp is definitely draining”).

He indicated President Trump was wise to brush off Time magazine’s offer of being named person of the year. There is a problem. Time said they never made the offer. It’s just one more lie Trump tells.

He praised Trump for having “stifled” North Korea’s missile tests. Guess he should have waited another week to write the column because they successfully tested one that can reach anywhere in the United States. Just because North Korea has a madman for a leader doesn’t mean that we need someone who may be more unstable to deal with him.

He rightly booed the men accused of sexual harassment. Perhaps he should have added that if Anita Hill had been treated in a more respectful manner it would have given more women at that time the courage to come forward with their accusations. That may have brought about a culture change at an earlier time concerning sexual harassment.

Perhaps he should have booed Trump for inflaming the culture of sexual harassment with comments he has made about women. Perhaps he could suggest that Trump start treating the office of president with the dignity the office commands.

I look at the swamp and see it getting bigger and deeper.

Stan Tetenman