Letter: Constituents lose when Timmons votes

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I am writing to express my profound disappointment with state Rep. Mike Timmons’ actions during this past Legislative session. Timmons pledged in his campaign that he would be an independent voice, but he has shown himself instead to be a reliable vote for the LePage agenda, even when that agenda conflicts with the interests of the district.

On the Land for Maine’s Future bill, he voted to compel the governor to act in compliance with the voters’ will, but then flipped to support the governor’s veto.

Attempts by Timmons and his supporters to make this issue sound complicated don’t wash. It was a clear and straightforward vote against the interests of the district.

Mike has voted against affordable housing for seniors, against background checks for concealed weapons, against women’s reproductive rights, against a modest minimum wage increase, and against a restoration of revenue sharing to the towns. He voted to close down state government and against a bipartisan budget. Words are easy, but Mike’s actions tell a different story.

Former Reps. Meredith Burgess and Steve Moriarty both represented the district with moderation and independence. With Timmons, that moderation and independence has been replaced by fealty to a partisan agenda. It has been our collective loss.

Dale Denno
Cumberland Center