Letter: Columnist should read history, not Shakespeare

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This is regarding Julie McDonald-Smith’s The Right View column, “Michaud stars in left’s theater of the absurd.” How about a political party that tries to take lunch programs from poor kids then cuts unemployment compensation for workers whose jobs were sent overseas? How about cutting food stamps and health care for those in need while claiming to be the party of God and morality? Now that’s what I call theater. Do they think we can’t see them? The real truth is if Reagan or Bush I or II had been president before Eisenhower, we would be a third-world economy now. All the infrastructure that brought industrial growth to this nation came from Eisenhower’s taxing the wealthy. I’d be willing to bet our paper mills and shoe manufacturers would all still be here if it weren’t for the cost of employee health care. The countries receiving our old jobs know this and have government health insurance. Health care then doesn’t factor into job bidding. Neo-cons tell us that family bread winners can somehow compete with Wall Street executives with business degrees. They send our mills overseas for cheap labor and laugh at us. Liberals don’t hate, they try to warn us about the politicians being bought by those who think our lives don’t really matter. McDonald-Smith should dump Shakespeare and buy a Bible or a history book.

Curtis Fordyce
South Portland