Letter: Columnist ignores the facts about Columbus

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The Right View column “Columbus did more than sail the ocean blue” makes the claim that what we have been told of Christopher Columbus is a “lie” and “hogwash.” While not addressing just what of the current Columbus narrative are lies and hogwash, Julie McDonald-Smith thinly speculates that Columbus was a defender of Spanish Jewry, and perhaps even a Jew himself. If her speculation is found to be accurate, that is fine, but it does not detract from the fact that Columbus was fundamentally a cruel and brutal human being.

In late 1499 or early 1500 the Court of Spain removed Columbus as viceroy and governor of the Indies due to his tyrannical methods of control. Such methods included widespread murder, dismemberment, enslavement, rape and the regular use of brutal public humiliation. This is not the 21st century elite progressive line, but rather it is documented 15th century Spanish court record.

Our autumn holiday would be better served by a different namesake than the historical villain Columbus.

Jonathan Harris