Letter: Columnist ignores shortfalls of LePage policies

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In response to Julie MacDonald-Smith’s list of candidate accomplishments: ignoring the demonizing of Gov. Paul LePage’s public personality, focus only on policy. The administration’s refusal to expand Medicaid as covered by the Affordable Care Law has cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars and denied better care to tens of thousands of the most needy citizens of the state. His involvement in the Statoil proposal thwarted the billion-dollar commitment to economic development. His vetoes and choice of leadership in critical departments of government have threatened the vital environment of our lakes and streams, and allowed reduction of regulations of potentially harmful products sold in the state. The governor’s denial of the serious implications of climate change have left our state with no clearly developed emergency plan for responding to predictable future natural disaster. He has chosen to spend more time consulting radical anti-government advocates than consulting the leadership of the Legislature.

Concerning his outrage with the National Football League, might we assume that he is not outraged by the NFL’s continued use of a derogatory slur that is offensive to a significant number of Maine’s constituents?

Robert Libby
Chebeague Island