Letter: Columnist ignores Obamacare benefits

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Julie McDonald-Smith’s most recent column extolling the efforts to repeal Obamacare in its entirety ignores the positive impact the Affordable Care Act is having on the lives of millions of Americans. Enrollment has exceeded expectations and there are now over 31 million citizens signed up, including over 13 million people who never before had access to health insurance. In addition, there are 13.4 million who are now signed up on the new expansion of the Medicaid program. It is very sad that in the state of Maine our hospitals must continue to cover the cost of caring for the poorest among us because our governor refuses to expand this program and has turned away millions of federal funds.

Which part of Obamacare does McDonald-Smith find most repugnant? Is it the part that allows people with pre-existing conditions to have insurance, such as my new grandson born with a heart problem, or my husband who has multiple sclerosis? Or perhaps she resents having young people who are just getting started being allowed to stay on their parents’ insurance? Clearly she believes that “states’ rights” trumps having people take responsibility for purchasing their own insurance rather than having their bills tacked on to the cost of all health care. Is she simply ignoring the news that Maine has the most individuals who are now able and willing to start their own businesses without fear of losing health insurance? Health insurance for all is morally correct and it is essential for the health of our country.

Dorothy Blanchette