Letter: Collins always votes, but not for Maine

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We see her marching through (strangely empty) halls of Congress, U.S. Sen. Susan Collins on her way to uphold her perfect record of casting votes. But is she marching for Maine, or for Republican leader Mitch McConnell? A look at her actual votes raises this question, especially compared with votes by independent U.S. Sen. Angus King. Her votes against pay equity and veterans’ benefits have been noted by others. But the Senate also confirms nominations to federal appointments, including judges. These have all been made Republican party-line votes, and in this session Collins voted against five federal judges, including three women (Illinois, Maryland, California), all of whom King supported. Were these judges bad for Maine? Finally, we have no surgeon general just when we need one most; Collins suggested she would not support the nominee.

Sen. Collins is not really a moderate. I will be voting for Democrat Shenna Bellows.

Caroline Hibbard