Letter: Clean up after your dogs, Falmouth

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One of the perks of dog ownership is their joyful companionship on a walk. We have town parks and walking trails through some of the prettiest countryside in the world. But human nature being what it is, it’s possible to take our magnificent landscapes for granted. Life these days is busy and challenging, so the time spent strolling, power-walking, jogging or skiing through beautiful parks and trails is precious, and often it’s our only time to daydream and relax. To absorb the energy of blue skies, rich evergreens, sunshine, people, wildlife, dogs, falling leaves, falling snow, budding trees, and distant mountains, it’s best to look up.

But sometimes, if we value our boots or sneakers, we are compelled to look down. What I’m getting at here is the poop problem. Some dogs will ?nd a secluded place to return what they’ve processed to nature. But others tend to drop their offerings right where we walk, thus compromising the outdoor experience for all. This problem seems to get worse in fall and winter at my town park.

I set out to write a humorous piece, but there really is very little funny about dog poop. It smells and transmits nasty bacteria. So please clean up after your pet. Then when you take a soulful look up at the sky, or greet a fellow traveler on life’s awesome path, you can do so with a clear conscience. And clean shoes.

Sally Sandler Bitan