Letter: Clam Fest brings out Yarmouth's best

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Wowee, what generosity! The people of Yarmouth rock!

We came as happy tourists, visiting a gaggle of relatives in Freeport when cousin Zebulon told us about Free Chair Night in Yarmouth before the parade. As he explained it, you go the night before and you’ll see an amazing array of chairs laid out along the parade route by the remarkably welcoming people of the town. Apparently, folks collect a chair or two from here or there year round, then gather like the shoemaker’s elves and set them out for tourists to come and help themselves. I went with my sons and my wife, and the two boys found what I would consider shockingly expensive rustic Bean chairs while the missus stumbled upon a broad-armed aluminum jobby right out of Miami, 1951. The problem is, ol’ Daddy is 6 feet 7 inches and weighs 280, so I wouldn’t let them take anything until I found a really big, sturdy chair. I saw a couple of teenage tourists off in the distance, also claiming their prizes, but when I tried to hail them to ask a question, they dropped their chairs and ran like H. That seemed curious.

Anyway, I couldn’t find a biggun and I have this request. Over the next year, while the good peoples of Yarmouth are seeking more chairs to court tourists, keep your eyes open for a Brobdignangian-sized one. My sad-eyed family put all their choices back where they had found them, as per my suddenly made up rule of a set of four or naught. We look forward, of course, to Clam Fest ’13!

Todd Kimmell
Ardmore, Pa.