Letter: Choose Brunswick schools over lower taxes

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I am a retiree who has lived in Brunswick for the past 11 years. I live in a neighborhood of young families who have high regard for the education their children receive in Brunswick. A number of teachers also live in my neighborhood, teachers who are concerned about doing the best for their students as they struggle with the effects of past budget cuts and the threat of future cuts.

I volunteer at Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School. Because of the closure of Jordan Acres school, classrooms are full to overflowing, with little room for teachers’ resources. If you haven’t already, stroll through the halls of HBS. You’ll see classrooms crowded with students engaged in their work. And, you’ll see on the walls amazing art work by the students. You’ll also see teachers dedicated to providing the best education possible for each and every student. 

It would be a shame to give the schools of Brunswick less to work with than they have now. As a senior citizen, I am grateful for the education made possible by those before me. Therefore I ask you to please present a school budget that does not skimp on what we need to sustain or even improve the education for this and future generations.

It is my turn to support the education of  the children in my neighborhood and throughout Brunswick. All of us need to take responsibility for the future of our community, even if it means an increase in property taxes.

Anne Brookes