Letter: Cedar Beach dispute reflects out-of-state values

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In Maine we live a wonderful, laid back, life. We all strive to take care of one another, and purchase native items, and above all be a great neighbor and friend to all in our communities.

Is this ending? I hope not and would say it is not, but many “bumps in the road” are encroaching upon us. I believe that southern Maine has already been “invaded” by non-Maine types.

Our citizens have had access to Cedar Beach for many, many years and then, sure enough, a person, who probably loves the Maine lifestyle, purchases an adjoining piece of property. First thing, it’s mine, not yours. Let’s stop the Mainers from using that right of way. Their attitude is probably that of many who come from out of state to enjoy our state, but bring the attitude of their home state with them. Shame on them.

I have the perfect solution, albeit too late, for the Abrahamsons and the Atkins of Gables Real Estate. Go back to where you came from and leave us alone. We did not have a problem for so many years and you have disrupted our way of life.

I see more and more of this type of thing happening in our area and if we do not act upon it we will be like southern Maine. I do not want this, and neither do my Maine friends.

Gerald O. Maranda
Orr’s Island, Harpswell