Letter: Cart before the horse in Freeport

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I urge the RSU 5 board to reverse its vote to put $16.3 million in school construction bonds before the voters at the same time that signatures are being collected to have Freeport withdraw from the RSU. Let the withdrawal decision play out, then revisit the needs of the high school in that light.

Withdrawal would mean Freeport taxpayers would inherit all school costs, would lose the school-related property tax revenues from Pownal and Durham, and would lose many of their students. Even without the bonds, withdrawal would mean an increase in the per-capita property taxes for Freeport residents. Despite having paid $10,000 for a study of the issue, Freeport still does not have a clear idea of the budget implications of withdrawal. New bonded debt on top of the withdrawal costs would mean even higher taxes. I want the best for our students, but increasing debt by taking on new bonds under these highly uncertain circumstances is simply irresponsible.

Patrick Norton