Letter: Cape Elizabeth councilor counters former colleague

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I have served on the Cape Elizabeth Town Council since 2008. In a recent edition of The Forecaster, former Councilor Sara Lennon was quoted as saying “people in Cape don’t want development; that’s why we moved here.” I don’t believe the issue is as black and white as Ms. Lennon suggests. Her own record on the council reflects a different approach.

In 2007, Ms. Lennon voted to adopt our Comprehensive Plan, which included a vision for the Town Center as Cape Elizabeth’s “primary commercial area.” Although Ms. Lennon now opposes the creation of a town green near our Town Hall, in 2007 she endorsed the plan’s vision for “a village green adjacent to Ocean House Road.”

In 2009, Ms. Lennon voted to overhaul our ordinance to enlarge the business district near The Cookie Jar. She stated that enlarging the business district would “enhance the community” and was “desirable for both the residents and the businesses.” Ms. Lennon also voted to ease wetlands regulations for the business district near Rudy’s.

Ms. Lennon also states today that there is a “vernal pond teeming with aquatic life” on the lot near Town Hall. Maine law provides clear guidelines on what a “vernal pool” is. If Ms. Lennon knows of a study performed by a wetlands ecologist, I assume she’ll share it.

In my opinion, Ms. Lennon’s statements don’t advance the debate, but unnecessarily inflame passions and confuse the issues.

Councilor David Sherman
Cape Elizabeth